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gallery of Japanese textiles, crafts and arts

“Contemporary designs based on traditional Japanese crafts and trade.” SANNGA (山川) Gallery of Japanese textiles, crafts and art will open in Williamsburg, NY at the end of July.

NEW YORK, NY- Tokyo-based apparel company YAMMA SANGYO (principal brand YAMMA) will open its first gallery “SANNGA” in Williamsburg, NY, an influential hub of hip culture with a large local art community, at the end of July.


Established in 2008, YAMMA SANGYO creates apparel made from Aizu Momen, a traditional cotton weave know for its craftsmanship, durability and comfort, manufactured in Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture. The demand for clothing made from AIZU MOMEN has increased over recent years, which motivated Ms. Nana Yamasaka, President of Yamma Sangyo, to expand outside of Japan to share the value of this traditional Japanese trade. After two years of researching potential markets, she selected Williamsburg, NY as the company’s first overseas presence. Why Williamsburg? “The world ‘flows’ into NY,” says Ms. Yamasaki, “The city is a convergence of cultural diversity, and naturally, trends and movements are born in NY. SANNGA means “mountain and river” in Japanese. As the river flows down the mountain, I believe traditional Japanese crafts, trade and skills will naturally flow from NY to the rest of the world. Japan has a unique culture, and I believe this distinctness will resonate with others.”

about SANNGA

In addition to YAMMA’s product line, SANNGA will host monthly exhibits of Japanese artisanal trade, arts and crafts, including, but not limited to textiles. “Our wish is to present contemporary designs inspired by traditional art and crafts unlike anything you have ever seen before,” says Ms. Yamasaki.

Name: 山川- SANNGA gallery of Japanese textiles, crafts and arts
Address: 109 South 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (unit 104, The Artisan Bldg.)
Tel: 81-90-1764-5566