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THE UTSUWA by utsuwa shoken

December 4 - 7, 2015 (11am-7pm)
reception party on 5th, 15:00〜


“THE UTSUWA by utsuwa shoken from Kamakura”
12 artist's works are coming!

Utsuwa shoken is a famous gallery based in Kamakura which is very
historical region and has mamy old temples and cultures.
Mrs,Shoken is a journalist and producing many craft exhibitions in Japan.
This time we ordered her to select 12 artists to show
contemporary Japanese Power of earth, fire and one's hands.

Below is words of Mrs, Shoken.

UTSUWA is a Japanese bowl or vessel. The derivation of the word UTSUWA is emptiness. An utsuwa is empty until something is placed inside of it. In essence, it is the utsuwa’s emptiness that defines its role, that is, it is intended to have something placed inside. For Japanese people, the utsuwa is an essential utensil used to serve food, and therefore, connected to their daily lives.

For the artists, they live to create the utsuwa. They select the clay, and then knead and shape it. Glaze is placed on the formed vessel, and finally fired to completion. The utsuwa is a vessel that carries the artist’s thoughts and sentiments to the user. Over time, the user raises the utsuwa that the artist created. Superficial cracks will form, creating beautiful patterns, like those of an old town full of “stories that time has created.”

“The diverse selection of utsuwa on display will demonstrate the varying techniques and artistic styles that will convey the utsuwa’s unique charm and appeal,” says Ms. Tomoo Shoken of Utsuwa-Shoken in Kamakura, Japan. “Some utsuwa are made of clay directly from the mountains, recoated by unique white clay, glazed with original iron formula, and placed in firewood kilns.” You will have the opportunity to touch and feel each of the vessels, and hopefully, you too will have the chance to experience the superficial cracks that arrive during an Utsuwa’s existence.

In 2002, UTSUWA-SHOKEN gallery opened in Kamakura, Japan, a historical political center filled with temples, shrines and monuments. The gallery is widely known among utsuwa connoisseurs throughout the nation, especially for discovering and promoting contemporary artists.

Makoto Ishida
Atsushi Ogata
Teppei Ono
Daisuke Kameta
Keiichi Mimata
Yuji Muraki
Shin Murata
Takuya Yokoyama
Naotsugu Yoshida
Kazumi Yoshimura
Banri Yoshioka
Katsunori Yaoita



November 27 - 30, 2015 (11am-7pm)
reception party on 28th, 15:00〜


We named it so simply because we think the journey of AIZU COTTON will
last so long.
This time we prepare many stoles of AIZU COTTON so as to make you feel
just power and character as a material.
Please try it in this winter.
Furthermore we introduce many AIZOME -natural japanese indigo- old style clothing.

AIZU cotton by HARAPPA are woven at a historical 120-year old factory.
During this limited engagement, history transports itself to modern day NY.
Please come enjoy this special exhibition.


the washi & the wamomen

August 27-September 6, 2015 (Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm, tue & wed closed)
reception party on Audust 29, 15:00〜

hp washi 400.jpghp aitan240.jpg

“the washi & the wamomen”
Exhibition of WASHI, traditional Japanese paper, by CHIAKI MORITA and WAMOMEN, traditional Japanese cotton textile, by HARAPPA.

Chiaki Morita will exhibit her original washi for interior design. HARAPPA, manufacturer of traditional Aizu cotton, will display textiles dyed in a distinct Japanese indigo called AIZOME.

AIZU cotton, used by YAMMA is all by HARAPPA. These are woven at a historical 120-year old factory. During this limited engagement, history transports itself to modern day NY.
Please come enjoy this special exhibit.


"Artisan Reflections: Beyond Craft Technique"
September 10 (Thurs) – September 20, 2015 (Sun)
reception party on September 12, 15:00〜

hp monomo.jpg
Exhibition of handcrafted works of eleven Japanese artisans, curated
by Sachiko Matsuyama, monomo ltd.
Designed to display the complete beauty of ancient craft traditions,
their pieces are exceptional hand-made objects with modern innovations
of ancient techniques to bring new functionality to a sophisticated

Sachiko Matsuyama founded monomo in January 2014 to share Japan’s rich
handcraft tradition with the global community and is deeply motivated
by a deeper appreciation for the authenticity of everyday life.
Sachiko travels throughout Japan meeting master artisans whose work is
grounded in nature and the fertile traditions of their craft.

September 10 (Thurs) – September 20, 2015 (Sun)
Special Exhibit Hours: Mon - Sat 11am - 7pm | Sun 12pm - 6pm
* Please be aware that the special exhibit hours is applied to this
exhibition only.